A young art student recently came to media attention by creating Transformers sculptures. His name is Danilo Baletic and yes, he created sculptures by collecting scrap metal from junkyards. Giant structures of Autobots and Decepticons are located in Montenegrin capital Podogorica as part of an exhibition called "Transformers defending Podgorica". In the last two years he created seven Transformers and has set them free along the streets of Podgorica. His first one, made two years ago, was named Rammtron (yeah, the one with Rammstein sign bellow).

The idea of this badass exhibition, according to the author, was to show the people that waste can be recycled and re-transformed again.

Shortly after setup, they became main attraction in capital. Most residents have welcomed this exhibition. Among them, not suprisingly, children have welcomed the exhibition with the most excitement. Dozens of children have already taken pictures with their favorite ones.


//via AP